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Understanding the Mind Body Connection

by  Liz Baer, M.Ac and Diane Gilman, PsyD *

When a new patient named Liza* came into the clinic complaining of fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, and IBS, our first question after taking her history was: “What kind of stressors are you dealing with these days?” She quickly chalked up her day-to-day as a typical 40-something working mom with middle-school children whose husband traveled a lot. Was there stress? Of course. But she had always been good at handling it and said she “felt genuinely happy” except for when she was feeling sick.

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Survival of the Kindest

As we face the uncertainties and possibilities of a new year, how can we build compassion for ourselves and others even in the midst of conflict?

Believe it or not, Charles Darwin argued that sympathy is humanity’s strongest instinct. He observed that animal communities with the greatest number of the most sympathetic members tended to flourish best and raise larger numbers of offspring. Continue reading “Survival of the Kindest”

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