Holistic Physiotherapist, Dr. Rob Satriano traveled to Port-de-Paix, Haiti to work with Phoenix Rising for Haiti (PRH), a humanitarian health organization created after the 2010 earthquake.  Rob worked alongside an integrative team of medical professionals from around the world to deliver orthopedic and medical care to one of the poorest cities in Haiti.

“Many patients traveled for hundreds of miles just to be seen by the PRH clinic.” Rob explained.

“They lined the streets outside the clinic as early as 3:30 AM in hopes of receiving treatment that day or the next.  They included survivors from the earthquake of 2010, children from orphanages all across the country, and those in which healthcare is otherwise unavailable.” In many cases, the PRH clinic was able to make prosthetic limbs on site for amputees as well as deliver functional medicine to those in need.

“I also encountered many patients who arrived at the clinic with severe complications associated with treatments they received from Voodoo practitioners in the area, which was unexpected.”

Most Haitian citizens work as manual laborers and therefore suffer from a number of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. As a result, there is a considerable need for the delivery of evidence-based manual therapy treatments—i.e. Myofasical Release, spinal manipulation, dry needling, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization etc.  Rob found that teaching proper posture and lifting mechanics as well as rehabilitative exercises including Pilates and yoga was one way to empower his patients to better health.

Of course the CIH team wanted to make sure Rob arrived and stayed healthy during his mission. We made sure to load him with prophylactic immune and GI support before his departure, and are happy to say that  he was one of the only members of the PRH team to stay healthy during the entire trip!  Rob came back rejuvenated and is viewing the world through a slightly different lens since his return.  He hopes to rejoin the team in Haiti again later this year.